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Rocket Booster Rescue 

1 x 52 mins 
In this documentary, viewers join the teams who are responsible for recovering and reassembling the Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs) that launch the Space Shuttle into orbit.  A huge team of techn..

Space Shuttle Boosters 

47 Mins 
Join the team who recover and reassemble the Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs) that launch the space shuttle into orbit. Technicians, seamen, and engineers catch, recover, and rebuild these critical veh..

When Weather Changed History 

10 x 43 HD
When Weather Changed History is an innovative series spotlighting the weather that has quite literally changed our world. Stories are told with an eye toward the unexpected by highlighting the ways in..


4 x 47 Mins 
An explosive demolition team is challenged with safely imploding complex and iconic structures around the world. Each episode focuses on the dangers, challenges, and inside strategies of this type of..

How Hard Can It Be? 

3 x 60 mins 
How many balloons could lift up a house? How high could a rocket travel that’s made from material bought at a hardware store? Using hard science and innovative visuals, we design and perform fu..

Space Launch: Along For The Ride 

1 X 52 mins 
In one of the most remote and desolate places on earth lies a bizarre desert outpost.  Some call it the wild wild east … where space cowboys dwell… a wasteland where high-tech Sovie..

Virgin Galactic 

4 x 47 mins 
Everyday spaceflight for ordinary people. For thousands of years, mankind dreamed it. Here are the men and women who are making it a reality. In this series of unprecedented sweep and access, go behi..

By Any Means: Vietnam to Indonesia 

1 x 47 mins 
Charley and the team are stranded on the rocky Vietnamese waters after a wave kills their boat engine. Loud screaming fails to alert a passing boat to their plight, but a nearby fishing boat comes to..

Lost Treasures, Hidden Buddha 

1 x 52 mins 
As a new Afghanistan emerges from the ruins, a brave group of cultural warriors has picked up the gauntlet and is fighting to preserve its heritage. Victor Sariandi, the legendary Russian archaeologi..


1 x 52mins 
Summer 2004. Stories are circulating in the swamps of southern Georgia, USA about a huge and terrifying wild boar lurking in the woods. Local resident Chris Griffin encounters the animal and kills it..

Marine Missions: Camp Leatherneck 

1 x 52 mins 
Members of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade stationed at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, have only two months left in their deployment. As Marines battle complacency, tensions mount in the face of..

Explorer 17 

1 x 45 mins 
PACIFIC WHALE RENDEZVOUS Deborah Glockner-Ferrari and her husband Mark Ferrari, just like a lot of people, want to save the whales, but unlike almost anyone, the Ferraris actually know the whales the..

World's Toughest Fixes II 

12 x 52 mins 
Join professional rigger, adventure junkie, and science geek Sean Riley as he rappels into the world of mechanical mayhem, major maintenance projects and emergency repairs that threaten to bring the..

Mystery 360 

3 x 47 mins 
With topics such as UFOs and Bigfoot, the science of the mysterious, the unexplained and the paranormal comes to life from a 360 perspective. EPISODES: Bigfoot He goes by many names: Sasquatch. The..

Final Report (The) Series 1 

15 X 47 mins HD
The Final Report is an exceptional strand of programming that deconstructs some of the most high-profile and iconic events of recent times and looks at the stories behind the story to explain why eve..


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